The Building

The Joan: the new destination in Werkstad Overamstel

The Joan is a new destination to relax, create and achieve. The two buildings are located on the Joan Muyskenweg and Joandwarstraat, next to Bouwmaat XL and opposite the headquarters of G-Star RAW. The Joan I is a modern and sustainable multi-tenant building with space for offices and creative businesses. 


On the other side of the Joandwarsstraat, you will see The Joan II, an efficient and stylish car park with sufficient parking space for both The Joan I and Bouwaat XL.


Concept of the southern façade of The Joan I 



  • A modern and highly sustainable building with lots of natural light and greenery - Relax, create and achieve on approximately 24,000 m2 LFA

  • Multifunctional and creative ground floor - Next to the main entrance at the restaurant, The Joan provides two additional entrances for various users

  • Partitionable floor areas - Choose the layout that fits your organization

  • Traditional crafts and innovative technologies merge and enhance each other - Makers can make their dreams come true

  • Events by and for the companies - The Joan is more than just a place to work

  • Space for a contemporary hospitality concept - Relax and enjoy yourself in the café-restaurant


Concept view of the northern facade The Joan II

Concept view of the southern facade The Joan II


An efficient and stylish car park   


​​Opposite The Joan I, an efficient car park with 247 parking spaces will be realized

The Joan II: an efficient and stylish car park with an excellent connection to the public areas and in the same architectural style as The Joan I.


Concept view of the eastern facade The Joan I + II

Key features of
The Joan I+II

LFA The Joan I:

approx. 24,000 m2

Number of parking spaces:


Sustainability ambition:   

BREEAM Excellent

Levels of finish:

Shell-plus / Turnkey

Number of floors Joan I:


Number of floors Joan II:


Scheduled start of construction:

Q3 2020

Expected delivery:

Q2 2022


Concept floor plans

Concept floor layout  The Joan I floor 1

Concept floor layout  The Joan I

Floor                L.F.A.(ca.) m2

GF                    3.414

1e                     2.635

2e                     2.636

3e                     2.502

4e                     2.628

5e                     2.628

6e                     2.383

7e                     2.628

8e                     2.628

                        24.081 m2


Sustainability and Health


A healthy indoor climate 

A high level of creativity, productivity, and job satisfaction

In addition to sustainability, attention is increasingly focusing on the effects buildings have on the health and well-being of people. A healthy work environment stimulates creativity, increases productivity, and offers more job satisfaction. That is why The Joan will feature high ceilings, lots of natural light coming in, and plenty of greenery.

A sustainable and climate-adaptive building

BREEAM certified as a benchmark to be ready for the future

The Joan will meet the latest sustainability criteria, including those for the ‘Excellent’ BREEAM rating. BREEAM is an assessment method to measure the level of sustainability of buildings. During the design process, measures were taken to make the building even more future-proof, such as the collection and reuse of rainwater, the use of sustainable and durable building materials, and energy-saving technologies.

"The Joan opens the dialogue between working, meeting, and creative interaction"


Visiting adresss The Joan I+II

Joan Muyskenweg 28-32

1114 AN Amsterdam

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Merel van Oudhorst

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